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dividen anak usaha INDY … 161010

Oktober 16, 2010

Indika secures US$59.8 million dividend from Kideco
Friday, 15/10/2010 17:09:14 WIB
by: Wisnu Wijaya
TOKYO: PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY) will obtain US$59.8 million dividend from its business unit, PT Kideco Jaya Agung, this month.

The additional cash was originated from the second-phase dividend oaid by the coal-thermal mining producer, Kideco.

“Indika earned US$128.8 million dividend from Kideco through two phases of payment. We receive the second payment this month,” said Vice President of Investor Relations Indika Retina Rosabai to Bisnis amidst the one-on-one meeting with the clients of Daiwa Capital Markets today.

The divided was derived from Kideco’s net profit last year when Indika, controlling 46% shares of Kideco, owned a total dividend of US$128.8 million. Besides Indika, around 49% shares of Kideco was owned by Samtam Co Ltd while the remaining 5% was owned by Muji Inti Utama, an affiliation company from Bayan Resources group.

Kideco booked US$288 million net income last year. The total dividend granted to its three shareholder reached US$280 million.

Samtan received US$137.2 million dividend from Kideco, while Muji Utama earned US$14 million dividend.

Kideco estimates to book US$347.9 million net profit this year, rising 20.8% compared to the same period last year amounting US$287.9 million. The company’s net revenue may grow by 27.2% this year, from US$1.31 billion to US$1.67 billion.

Kideco targets its brick production volume to reach 29 million tons in 2010, rising by 17.4% from last year’s 24.7 million tons.

Kideco owns 579 million ton coal reserves with 1.14 billion ton resources. (T02/NOM)


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