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Oktober 16, 2010

Indika Energy will see net income jump
Friday, 15/10/2010 16:25:59 WIB
by: Wisnu Wijaya
TOKYO: PT Indika Energy Tbk (INDY), the holding company of PT Kideco Jaya Agung, predicted its net income to jump 89.9% this year.

Indika Vice President of Investor Relations Retina Rosabai, during one-on-one meeting with clients of Daiwa Capital Markets, said they are optimistic to collect US$146.6 million net income this year than US$77.2 million recorded at the same period last year.

The higher net profit was in line with this year\’s net income estimation at about US$479.4 million, or rose 81.2% compared to US$264.5 million last year.

Until the first semester of 2010, Indika booked IDR1.78 trilion revenue, jumpin by 116.7% compared to IDR815.2 billion last year.

As the result, operating profit rose 111.3% during half I/2010 to IDR4.1 billion from minus IDR36.2 billion in half I/2009.

Net profit jumped 28.1% from IDR364.6 billion in half I/2009 to IDR467.1 billion this year.

For this year, Indika allocates a capital expenditure as much as US$93 million, rising 126.3% compared to US$41.1 million recorded last year. (T05/NOM)


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